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MRSP discounts and the most efficient vehicles

May 22, 2017

What factors do you use when buying a new vehicle

MRSP discounts and the most efficient vehicles

Recently I have noticed a lot of car and truck ads that off big savings off the MSRP. Many truck ads like the Chevy Silverado offer $9,300 off. Even many LEFT OVER cars that I guess didn’t sell well. It must be these are very hard to sell to offer a big discount like they do. I thinks it because they are so inefficient.

On the other hand I have seen very popular vehicles have a large added fee since they are in short supply. This was the case for the 1964 FORD Mustang , the Mercedes SLK and the Acura NSX. I’m sure there are others that I didn’t notice. I have never seen that for Electric cars yet. With so many automakers getting in the EV production there could be some mark ups coming.

Automakers all seem to try and sell on items of little value to me or society like fastest 0-60, highest top speed and the more power. Even electric automakers like Tesla seem to highlight these items. Very few tell you how efficient or safe they are. At least Tesla mentions the safety rating. Hyundai has been measured as the most efficient yet I have read or seen any of their ads since they are so new.

It’s nice there are consumer reports and testing agencies that measure the safety, mpg and reliability. I wish they would also measure how efficient the Air Cond and heater are. Those are the important items that people really need to lean about. It’s too bad many people ignore those facts and buy something that they like the looks of. After market items are also poor in many cases. I see a lot with fancy big DUB wheels and tires that are very unsafe and less efficient. They just go by the cool looks.

What factors do you use when you are buying a new vehicle?

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