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Toyota and other companies Blinked

May 01, 2017

Some automakers have not kept up. The progress is very fast and if they Blink a new Super Star comes up. The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is out now and is the most efficient Hybrid ever made. It has a few other World leading items too.

TOYOTA and others Blinked

It’s seems Toyota Blinked and is not the most efficient Hybrid any longer. The new Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid just came out in 2017 and is measured to be the most efficient. They also have the longest warranty on the vehicle and a LIFETIME battery warranty. They even are the 1st car ever to have a Lithium starter battery. They are also releasing a PLUIN version and a 100% Electric. They will also have the LIFETIME battery warranty but not the Lithium starter battery.

In FACT Toyota Blinked big time by not having a 100% electric or by not using Lithium batteries in most of their battery cars. They invested so much in NiMH batteries they didn’t want to change. They had tried lithium batteries when they 1st came out but gave up on them. They had Tesla convert some RAV4’s to electric and they were super but they dropped them after meeting compliance numbers. Now they have to play catch up with Tesla and Hyundai and all the other companies with 100% electrics.

Toyota really did pretty good since they Hybrid was ahead of most, was a full hybrid and not a mild hybrid. Their gas engine rtuns in the clean burn Otto cycle making less pollution that other gas cars. They have created a bridge for drivers to go part electric and then want more and more. That is a good thing.

In FACT I would say that Honda and many others have blinked and not made any serious advances and will now have to catch up. Honda stopped making their very good FIT EV after making the 1,100 compliance required vehicles.

Today in 2017 there is only 1 company that continues to lead and that is Tesla. All they do is clean 100% electrics. They also do Solar panels, batteries, Super Chargers, Destination chargers and Auto Pilot with full level 5 Self driving coming very soon. Their Stock is also a Super star so if you Blinked you may not have gotten any yet. I always tell people don’t buy a Tesla, buy the stock. Then it helps you get the car.


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