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QUIET or LOUD which is more dangerous

Apr 05, 2017

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We have laws that require Electric vehicles to make noise so we notice them and don't get run over without our knowing about it. This is a big concern to some people. It so nice to know that someone really cares.

But what about the very loud cars, motor cycles and trucks. They make TOO MUCH NOISE. When they are being very loud you can't tell which way they are coming. You can't hear the big bus right behind you because of the extra loud noise.

So why aren't there laws to protect us from too much noise like there is for too little noise ? Doesn't anyone really care?

I used to work with Talking books for the Blind for 12 years. One of my late friends Kenny Calkins, who was blind alerted me to a clicking sound all the machines made as a reed relay opened and closed. It was used to sense the end of tape on each cassette. None of us had ever noticed it in the year they were used. I found a quiet reed relay and we started using that in all the machines we repaired.

My friend Kenny was killed one evening about dusk as he crossed the street with his black guide dog Valerie. A very large and noisy dump truck ran right over them. I'm sure they heard it but as he always told me Loud Noises make him unable to tell how far and what direct they were coming. It was very sad.

He could tell me the type of car and where it was heading on normal not too loud cars and trucks and buses. When it's quiet you can tell a lot of things about what's around you.

We need laws to keep the noise down!

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