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Electric Bicycle EXPO

Mar 09, 2017

Electric bicycles are catching on all over the World.

The is the time of year to get the bicycles out. At least in most of the country. I used to live in Upstate New York and it's still winter there until May or June. One year we have 24 inches of snow on my Son's birthday May 22 nd. I now live in the greater Phoenix Arizona area and we don't use those 4 letter works like COLD and SNOW or even RAIN.

In San Diego California where the weather is mild for most of the year they have a big Electric Bicycle EXPO.

An Electric Bicycle is a great way to learn about electric vehicles. They are fast and can let you go a lot further than if you didn't have the electric option. It takes so little energy you don't even see the cost of the electricity. There are many types and even 2 wheel and 3 wheel types. I have a ELF from Organic Transit

and am getting a Mo from Evovelo later this year in 2017.

They each get over 2,000 MPGe on electric and EVen have Solar PV panels so they can ride on pure Sunshine. Try to beat that in a gas, hybrid,plugin hybrid or pure electric car. These are the leaders in energy efficiency and that's the name of my game. Super efficient and cost effective.

You really should take a ride on an electric bicycle. You may never want to get off. When they get the new AirFree tires out I want to drive cross country on nothing but SunShine and pedal power. That's an item on my Bucket list. What's on yours?

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