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the Tesla ERA , FEB 2017

Feb 22, 2017

Tesla leads, power wall,solar PV,advanced Lithium batteries, Super Chargers,Renewable GigaFactory

As I wrote back last year, the Tesla ERA , started March 31,2016. It now continues very strong.

So far they have the Giga Factory up and running producing the advanced 2170 cells that leap ahead of the 18640 they have been using. In fact the cells are already being used in the PowerWall and PowerPack. The Factory is the biggest of any type in the World. It runs on 100% Renewable Solar PV and GeoThermal Energy. A Wind farm is planned right behind the factory. By making the battery production process more efficient they have reduced cost by 35%.

The new Tesla Model 3 is on schedule. They are doing Pre-Productions runs right now with more planned. Production will start in a limited amount in July 2017 with large production coming in September 2017. I have one on order along with 400,000 other people.

Their new Solar panel roof tile factory is coming on line in Buffalo NY. That is the city that the engineer Tesla first made Hydro AC Electricity and sent it to the World Expo over 20 miles away in 1893 that changed the World.

Tesla has also increased production of the model S and X. They have added more Super Chargers and Destination chargers all over the world and are not stopping. They are still the Fastest Charging in the world. They have the only worldwide network of chargers. Others may have more but are not as fast or cover as much area.

They also lead in Self Driving ability. They have it in the equipment on every new car they produce. NVDA Navidia makes the equipment and Tesla does the software. It keeps getting better with more ability each day with the data they gather. They have saved more lives than any other system since most are still testing.

These FACTS are all shown by the price of their stock, TSLA. Maybe predict the price may go up 20x to 30x times over the next 10 years. They are making an EV World possible.

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