Real Electric Vehicles

The complete picture

Jan 17, 2017

When many talk about being ECO friendly and GREEN they only seem to consider one aspect of that idea. Each part helps but I think we need to consider all aspects and make an effort to improve in each area.

Transportation is one part of a GREENER World. Yet if we use Lead Acid batteries, drive like speed demons and tear all over the place at high speed are we helping or hurting our World. If we live in large McMasions and waste Energy with some small imported solar panels on the roof does that make us GREEN. If we ride an electric bicycle and don't pedal at all is that really good for us and the World ? So I feel we have to look at ourselves as others do. We need to be a good example to others and learn from EVeryone. A good example is Ed Begely Jr. He looks at all aspects of life and makes a real difference. We need more good example like him and his wife an daughter. They really inspire others in everything they do. What do you do? How do others see you?

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