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the Tesla ERA , started March 31,2016

Mar 14, 2016

This month on March 31st we will all be able to place orders for the Tesla model 3. Why is that a historic EVent. Read and find out. New data coming every week.

the Tesla EAR started March 2016

This month, March 31 st, 2016 EVeryone in the world will be able to place a firm order for the Tesla Model 3. This car has what no other 100% Electric car has, a Nationwide Charging Network. Not only that the Network is more than twice as fast as any other charging Network, it’s FREE and Renewable Energy powered. The Tesla Super Charger Network is the only one designed for long range travel. It is growing faster than any other Network. It will cover 98% of the USA when the model 3 is released.

You may have read and considered other electric vehicles that also have longer 200 mile range. But do the vehicles have auto pilot? Do they have remote software updates? Have they been designed for safety? Only Tesla covers all of these areas.

Next take a look at the design and aero dynamics of the other vehicles. Are they square and odd looking like the BMW i3 and Nissan LEAF? Do they look like the type of car people look twice and three times at or are they kind of quirky? Is their CD ,coefficient of Drag really good near .20 or is it like a box at .30 to .50? That can make a difference on highway travel. Oh wait the other cars were not designed for highway travel.

Last did you have to negotiate with a sales person who sells other types of vehicles like 100% gas cars and trucks or did they know and understand electrics. Was the price you paid the best price or did they play games trying to get you a low cost only to find out others got a better price.

So this month of March will go down in history as the time when people were able to order a really safe and efficient vehicle that uses no gas or OIL with over a 200 mile range and has a National Super Charging Network for long distance travel. They can make a difference in their life and the World. It’s a historic date to remember. The beginning of a more GREEN ,RENEWABLE and EV World. Will you be part of it or stay in the past ?

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