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Research and Development today in 2016

Feb 22, 2016

Who is doing the Research and Development today? What innovations will change our World?

I’ve just been reading about some of the great Research and Development LABS in the United States that came up with many world changing inventions. There was Bell Labs ,GE ,IBM and RCA. I was also very lucky to have worked for the Bell System and got to go to Bell Labs in Holmdel NJ for a project and once worked with one of their engineers on a new communications system I had ordered and installed. I also lived within a few miles of the GE E-labs in Liverpool NY where they came up with digital tuning. Bell Labs came up with the Transistor, Commercial Solar cells, Integrated Circuits IC , CCD for digital cameras , Unix programming and many other developments that changed the world. Bell Labs shared their ideas and gave away the designs or had very low licensing fees so others could make the same progress.

When I check today I wonder who is doing that kind of R and D and making it commercially available. So far I think companies like Tesla are making the most innovations along with showing they can run on Renewable Energy. Tesla has the fastest charging, longest range, best aero dynamics, safest designs, remote software updates , auto pilot and many other high tech options. They also share their ideas with others so they can keep up with world leading vehicles.

You used to be able to spot the top companies in R and D by the number of patents they get each year. But some of the best like Tesla give their ideas away and encourage others to follow. So is the number of patents the best way to spot the top companies?

Tesla does this on Renewable Energy. Their battery is also being made available to store energy so others are able to use more Renewable Energy. This has been a key to using power more efficiently and they got a lot of companies stepping up into this area. The new Tesla GigaFactory is run from Solar PV panels and has no other fuel on site. This is one of the largest factories of any kind in the world.

The new Tesla Model 3 promises to be full of new options too. With the low price and the big production numbers it could become even lower in cost and spur more innovation. It will be very interesting to see what develops.

I think the way to spot the top R and D companies is by the results. When you see the number of awards for great designs that is a big key. When you see their products are sold out and they can’t keep up it’s also a good sign. When they run on 100% Renewable Energy that is amazing and will change our World into an EV World.

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