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Vehicle LIFE and DEATH in the 21st century

Feb 05, 2016

Vehicles take a lot of material and energy to make and operate

Today in 2016 we have more choices for clean efficient vehicles than ever before in history. Yet every vehicle has to be created, live a useful life and at some point die and be recycled. When we look at this life cycle how does the electric vehicle stack up against other vehicles.

The biggest factor is the amount of energy and mass of the vehicle that it takes to be made and operate. That is why the bicycle will always be the winner for total energy to create and use along with the final recycling. So light vehicles should be the next best and on up to very large vehicles that move heavy loads. So we also have to determine what job the vehicle does. To move a family of 4 people a bicycle might not be the best choice. To move 100 tons of earth for a building a car just can’t complete that task.

Consider that most vehicles transport workers to and from their jobs during the week days and may move the family on week nights and or weekends we see that is the most common use for cars. Also 70% or more of the workers drive alone to and from work which is very inefficient in a 3,000 lb. vehicle. We also have to consider the facts that most homes consist of 2 or more vehicles. In fact the average home has 2.28 vehicles and that doesn’t include bicycles.

Next we should consider accidents. Vehicle accidents and deaths are bigger than any war in history. It has declined 50% with the use of seat belts and air bags but is still over 30,000 a year in the USA alone.

We should also consider the pollution that each vehicle makes as we use it. A gas or diesel vehicle makes deadly pollution. In fact some people have killed themselves or others just from the carbon monoxide in an idling car. The LIFE of a vehicle can kill us and the planet.

I’d summarize all of these FACTS by saying a vehicle that is very efficient, can carry a family of 4 and has auto-driving features to save your life and the life of the vehicle would be the best use of material and energy. The only vehicle that covers all these factors is the Tesla with a few bicycles thrown in for FUN and exercise. Tesla already has the model S and X to cover any family. In 2017 they will have the model 3 that costs much less and will still be the safest and most efficient vehicle. No other vehicle is even close in an EV World except the bicycle.

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