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a PARABLE about a green boy

Jan 02, 2016

a parable about how to live in an EV World

a parable about a green boy

Once upon a time a little boy grew up playing with an electric train. It went around in circles for hours carrying his toys. He later got a slot car set and loved to drive the small fast cars. He even went to public locations that has big slot car tracks and shared cars with his friends.

As he grew he got a nice light English bicycle with 3 speeds. He went every place on it. As he began working he rode the bus to his job working nights. It was no fun working all night and trying to sleep days. Later he got a job with the local telephone company placing calls all over the world. They started changing from analog to digital and the fun never ended. When he saw and got to work with fiber optics he knew it was the best in the world. He loved electronics and light.

When he became an engineer he still rode the bus and his bicycles. Sometimes the kid in us never leaves. When he got to work with wireless communications the sky was the limit. He even got to work on satellite systems that covered the entire world. Their satellites were all powered by Solar PV energy.

Since he lived in a very Sunny area and made his home run all on a 4 kW Solar Energy system and from hot water, to ovens to electricity from PV panels. His cars grew more and more electric until they were 100% electric. Even his bicycles became part electric. His favorite was human and solar powered ELF vehicle. He never uses any fossil fuels. Now he was really happy and shared his vehicles and ideas with others.

He also invested and owns some large, over 100 kW Solar systems in his area. They pay him by helping the environment and paying him monthly. He would install even more but the public non profit utility changed the rules so only they can own and save money with Solar PV.

In the future he will use his vehicles for electric storage and transportation with V2G Vehicle To GRID. There are lots of new ideas to make it even more fun living in this wonderful world. This was the way everything should be he thought in an EV World.

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