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Lifetime batteries

Nov 15, 2015

Lithium batteries keep getting better. Did you know some last a very long time? Did you know about some that last a lifetime and some even have a lifetime warranty? They just keep getting better and lower in cost. It's like the Moore's Law of batteries.

Lifetime batteries

I have seen and read more about how great lithium batteries keep improving with more density and faster charging ability. That is a great thing to help improve their acceptance but a fact I think is even more important is the longer life of the batteries. I have even seen some with lifetime warranties. To me that is an even more important feature.

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is the first vehicle I have seen that offers a lifetime hybrid battery warranty. I feel others will follow and even offer this type of warranty of 100% Electric vehicles. I hope this will also be true as the capacity increases, the cost deceases and faster charging coming into service.

Even though they don’t give a lifetime warranty I see the batteries with good management systems and cooling systems with very long life and almost no capacity loss. The Chevy SPARK and FORD Focus EV booth seems to have an excellent battery system with very long life. I have the FORD Focus EV and can affirm that after 3 years and over 20K miles in the Phoenix AZ extreme heat my car has not lost any capacity at all. We have checked other FORD Hybrids, Plugin Hybrids and 100% Electric vehicles and have measured the same result.

So I predict that not only will electric vehicle ranges increase but the life of the batteries will continue to get better. I even predict some companies will start offering lifetime warranties. It seems Hyundai and KIA may be the first to offer this. The worlds leader Tesla already offers a prepaid low cost battery replacement option. A few others like Smart-ED offer leased battery options that include a replacement as long as you keep extending the battery lease. This could be the trend for many electrics as they increase their warranties and see longer lifetime years in their new packs.

I also think the combination of solid state batteries and super capacitor battery combinations will extend not only range but increase REGENerative braking ability and extend lifetime battery years. It all makes a great Electrical Vehicle choice even better. As the lifetime warranty increases so will V2G Vehicle to GRID options. It all makes for a great EV World with better energy use and a sustainable future where vehicles and homes work together.

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