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MPG is so last century

Oct 25, 2015

Measuring a vehicles by Miles Per Gallon is so last century. In fact it could be our LAST century. A vehicle running on FUEL like gas, NG and Diesel is just way to inefficient and makes deadly pollution for and our World.

MPG is so last century

It is so last century to measure a gas car in Miles Per Gallon. That gallon of gas takes more electric energy to refine than you could drive the same distance. A gas car is only 20% or less efficient. It has over 2,000 moving parts that all need oil lubrication and gets over 200F degrees when running. It idles going no place when stopped at a light or stop sign. It wears our brakes stopping and slowing down while also making deadly pollution.

When we measure an electric vehicle we use MPGe Miles Per gallon equivalent with no gallons at all. No OIL is needed for the electric motor and the brakes hardly wear since it uses Regenerative braking and makes more energy stopping. It doesn’t idle or even need a transmission. A gallon of gas is equal to 33.7 kWh of energy. They consider the gas car is only 20% efficient so it gets only 6.7 kWh of energy out.

That is so bad we would never drive a gas fueled car or even a hybrid if we paid the full price for a gallon of gas. The real cost is $10-15 a gallon. But today with subsidies that have been in place over 50 years with no limits or end and Fracking no going on for the last 2 years at a very high rate. This uses millions of gallon of water and chemicals that are not disclosed casing water pollution and earthquakes in many areas. Going to other 1 source fuels like NG and Diesel is also short sighted. We hit peak NG in 2004 and only have some now from Fracking. Diesel is also made from OIL and has even more pollution and issues. Only electricity can be made by many fuel sources including Renewables like Solar, Wind and Geo-Thermal. In fact when electricity is made by NG it is over 80% efficient in a Combined Heat power plant. That is much better than putting NG in a gas engine that is so inefficient.

So the answer is a diverse energy sourced fuel like electricity and super-efficient electric vehicles. In fact lighter vehicles made of aluminum like a Tesla or carbon fiber and aluminum like a BMW i3 are even more efficient. Better batteries with more capacity and density are already coming out faster than predicted. The electric vehicles today are already very good yet they are getting better. The future is very bring as people learn the FACTS. Just like Solar PV, cell phones and computers the vehicles will get even better with longer lasting batteries and lower prices. Let’s get working on an EV World before it’s too late.

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