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So Called Fast Charging

Oct 02, 2015

EVeryone is in a hurry so the Faster the charge the better. There are a few different standards for Fast Charging. Some call it level 3 charging but it's technically Level 2 DC charging which is faster.

So Called FAST CHARGING Today we have the growth of more and more Electric vehicles. They are just starting to have the range for long trips. A few are used a lot on local trips and drivers don’t want to wait a long time to recharge. The FAST CHARGING Standards come in a few different configurations. There is CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Charging System) and Tesla Super Charging. Each configuration uses a different electrical port. They use DC Charging at about 200-450 volts. Since this is a lot of power we don't know of anyone with a home Fast Charger. Maybe a few HIGH POWER Level 2 EVSE but no Fast Chargers yet.

To supply the Fast Charging power there are different charger manufacturers. Each one has adjustments for more or less power. It also communicates with the vehicle to determine the power level. So these can vary from site to site and between brands. In our area of Arizona there seem to be a lot of reliability problems with the equipment on CHAdeMO and CCS chargers.

We also all know that battery life depends on treating the battery well. If you don’t over charge or under charge the battery pack and keep the HEAT down the life is much longer. So we know that Fast Charging can affect the battery life. Heat has been a proven problem with most battery chemistry.

To see what rate you are charging at on most sites you need a Tesla gives the most information. A few manufacturers like ABB show some information about time and home many kWh’s so you can determine the power. With all other vehicles you know you are getting power but don’t usually have any idea how much.

A few friends that have a Tesla S have been nice enough to test a few sites with me. We found that a few FREE auto dealers sites with ABB equipment only provided 18 kW of power. Some of the Blink sites provided 40 kW and others only 30 kW. The amazing Tesla sites provide 80-90 kW of power. With the new Tesla S we have heard you can get up to 120 kW.

So far we see that Tesla is more than twice the power of any other Fast Charger. They are also FREE. In some areas the Tesla Super Chargers are even Solar or wind powered. The Blink Fast chargers are next best at 40 kW but they only do the CHAdeMO ports. The dealers with ABB are last but are FREE and a few can do both CHAdeMO and CCS. By the way the Tesla S can use a Tesla adapter to charge from the CHAdeMO ports. That makes Tesla the only vehicle that can charge at the most locations, is free and has the most information while charging.

In the Future with our EV World getting better we hope to see more sites that can charge with all 3 types of Fast Charging . We also hope more vehicles show the information about the power while you charge. The equipment should also be more reliable and all provide 40 kW or more. We will see what happens. Let us know about your area.

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