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The LABS Argonne, Berkeley National and Bell Labs

Jun 16, 2015

The KEY to a clean future in batteries. How can we be the leaders in this area ? Read the book the POWERHOUSE by Steve Levine and you will see how we already are leading. In FACT Tesla is doing EVerything right in and EV World.

The LABS Argonne, Berkeley National and Bell Labs

Even since the breakup of the Bell Telephone system in 1984 we have lost one of the most prolific research laboratories in the world. Bell LABS has established Telephone standards used around the world. They also invented the Transistor, Solar PV cells, the Laser and even battery improvements.

When the US saw that most of the battery research and production was happening in Asia and China they wanted to get the BELL LABS method flowing again. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu , who used to work at Bell Labs and won a Nobel Prize while working there, proposed a plan called ARCH to become a battery hub of research.

Argonne Labs actually discovered advances for a high energy density lithium battery that also lasted longer and was safer. The Lithium NMC 1.0 battery is what GM is using in the VOLT and will use the NMC 2.0 in their 200 mile range ,all electric BOLT in 2016. The same battery technology is used in the LG battery and others. In fact they got funding from the US to improve the battery and build US factories.

Now Tesla is stepping ahead with their own battery factory. They have created their own funding. It looks like Tesla is becoming the Bell LABS of the 21st Century. They are also doing the marketing and production all in one company.

You may want to read the book (THE POWERHOUSE ) by Steve Levine 621.312424 Levine 2015 I just got from the library. It tells a fascinating story with the above facts about the new batteries. They are getting better and lower in cost. They see this as Tesla has stated as the key to a new world of clean power and efficient vehicles all working together.

It sounds like an EV World to me.

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