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What’s it worth? I’d say priceless =D-----

Mar 15, 2015

Advances in technology can save the world. I think we are finally making progress that has been held back for many years. The Electric vehicle is leading the way.

What’s it worth? I’d say priceless =D----- When you think of any GREEN life style changes be sure to add up all the values that it brings. It’s easy to miss some of the most important items. A few examples are below.

Bicycle commuting- When you ride a bicycle we all know it’s less expensive since you don’t have to pay for gas and oil. It also saves because you don’t have to have registration and insurance. Of course the bicycles cost a lot less than any car to buy. BUT have you also added the saving by all the exercise you are getting? Did you add all the people you get to say Hi to and even handout with? Did you add the extra years you will live because you are healthier? A few bicycle magazine articles tried to figure out what MPGe you are getting riding a bicycle. They figure how far you rode and everything you ate and drank. But they forget to subtract all you would have eaten and drunk if you just sat around.

< Solar Energy- Many know how you can save money and prevent air pollution by adding Solar PV panels to your home. Did you also know your saving Millions of gallons of water since they is how they make power by boiling water for COAL, NG and Nuclear? Did you know making it right at your home saves all the losses in the GRID that are 5-10%? Did you count all the other Solar Energy like Solar Hot water, Shade, Insulation and even Photosynthesis ? The entire World is feed by growing food and Solar is a big part of that.

Eating Vegan- Did you know that when you eat healthy, really healthy like Vegetables ,Fruit and no dairy that it makes you have extra energy. You don’t get sick as often and you actually save the resources of the World. A veggie diet can feed 20 times more people than an animal based diet. It uses 10 times less energy and 100 times less water. Some of the greatest athletes are vegetarian like my hero Carl Lewis. He won gold medals in 5 Olympics over a 20 year time span and actually got faster and strong in his last Olympics since he went Vegan with no dairy instead of just vegetarian.

Electric Vehicles- We all know that an electric car doesn’t need a transmission, oil or gas. Did you also know that it is over 4 times more efficient than a gas or diesel vehicle? Did you know the brakes will last 10 times longer because it uses REGENERATIVE braking and actually makes energy while stopping instead of making brake dust and heat? I believe REGEN braking also saves lives since it starts putting on the braking before you even get your foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal. An Electric car can run on 100% Renewable Energy like Solar, Wind and Geo-Thermal. It can run on hydro power or even COAL, NG and Nuclear.

LED lights- As many also know LED lights are very efficient, using 10 times less energy. They make mostly light instead of Heat like old incandescent or even mercury filled CFL lights. Did you know good LED lights also last longer? I only buy the best USA made LED lights made by CREE. Did you know they are also used in traffic light since they last longer and are much safer, Instead of failing 100% like old lights they may flicker and loose a few LEDs before the entire light goes out. On vehicles they can be made into almost any shape light and give double the light.

Fiber Optics- I have worked in the Telephone industry for over 40 years. I have worked in land line office, wireless and even satellite systems. I have seen how fiber optics systems have increased in miles before a repeater is needed and increased in speed. The speed of light in a fiber is over 124,188 miles per second. It uses just a tiny fraction of power so it’s the fastest and more efficient way to get information from place to place.

Computer Processors- The Moore’s law has told us that computers would get faster and more dense while getting lower in cost. They have proven true as we have seen in the speed and power of computers of all sizes. It still seems to have no end in sight and will continue. From Wiki "Moore's law" is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.

Advanced Batteries- Just like computer processors and fiber optics we are finally seeing improved batteries. They have more energy density measured in Wh/kg. Lithium batteries are lighter and also last longer. With battery cooling we can expect 20 years of use with 80% capacity or more left. New materials for anode and cathode will continue this pace of improvement. Ultra/Super Capacitors are in the same tech area of improvement.

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