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The 21st Century is showing Earth changing progress

Feb 20, 2015

clean energy and storage for clean transportation is growing very fast.

You know we are making progress in the 21st Century when utilities now are changing the rules to discourage home Solar that they used to give incentives for. That’s clean fuel for Plugin vehicles. The new automakers are all saying they have a 200+ mile per charge car ready to try and beat Tesla who last year announced their model III coming in 2016-2017. That is an important change with no mandates showing real competition.

We also have a lot more public charging sites. There are about 10 companies placing EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment in public places. A few companies also have charging locations for their employee’s. You can find these at places you already go and stop like Libraries, grocery stores and sports facilities.

The World’s leading long range electric vehicle company, Tesla has also been expanding their Super Charger Network with over 150 locations in the USA alone. They also have many in Asia, Europe and China. Their Giga Factory is ahead of schedule and the model X will be released this year. The World’s most sold electric vehicle is the Nissan LEAF and they have said they are putting Fast Chargers all across the USA in the next year.

In the news we read about record breaking large Solar projects in progress and going on line. The cells are also getting more efficient. As advanced battery storage gets combined with Solar PV it will continue to grow at amazing levels. Each year it keep getting better with more options for Solar PV and EV vehicles. PV/ EV.

The thing I am most impressed with is that more people are reducing energy use. They are bicycling more. Using less and trying to eat healthier. We sure can’t rely on big corporations to help us reduce use. A few big companies are setting standards for others to follow. Like Google who adds solar and efficient vehicles. ASU, Arizona State University keeps adding solar and provides sustainable talks and issues to inspire others in their school of sustainability. Even utilities are adding plugin vehicles to their fleets.

Electric vehicles are still a small part of the total numbers of vehicles. The important thing is that the rate of growth is very fast and still growing. It continues to grow fast even with record low gas prices that are the result of fracking. This has been proven to cause earth quakes and water pollution. Some areas have already banned fracking. Another of my 2015 predictions was that Fracking would be banned. The link below shows that electric vehicles are still less than 1% of the 16.5 million vehicles sold in 2013. But everything has to start someplace and the 21st century is the start of something big.

I also see and read about lithium batteries getting better each week. I see that ultra /Super capacitors are getting better and are in some hybrids and combined with lithium batteries in some electric vehicles. They are also being used to charge cell phones and portable electronic devices. One of my predictions was that they will become a part of many power storage devices including vehicles like the Blue car.

You can see the glass as half full or half empty. I see this decade and century as something very important that you are all a part of in an EV World. History will show this as a turning point and we are all part of it.

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