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ISIS is Power by OIL

Oct 25, 2014

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This week on NPR Radio I heard that ISIS is funded by OIL. They make over $1 Million a day from OIL. When I checked on line I found many references to this fact. Like

We have all known for a long time that OIL comes at a steep price from very unstable countries. Many workers die while developing OIL well and drilling. The environmental cost of OIL is also very high. In fact we are burning 1 million years of stored energy, in less than 1 year , that is in OIL and releasing all of the carbon in it at an alarming rate.

Many of us also know that the US is now the largest producer of OIL yet we still import $1 Billion a day to feed our habit. In fact most cars and engines are less than 20% efficient. That means they waster 80% or more of the energy you put into them.

One of the reason OIL and NG prices are down now if from Fracking. In 2004 we hit Peak NG and started importing. That only charged when Fracking was allowed. How long do you thing that will last?

Other facts many miss are things like it takes a lot of electricity to refine OIL into gas and other fuels. It takes 7-8 kWh’s of electric to make 1 gallon of gas. My EV can go 4-5 miles on 1 kWh of electric. So I can go 28-40 miles on the electric used to refine 1 gallon of gas.

So are you funding ISIS? Let's make them run out!

Do you fund pollution?

If you drive Electric and are Living in a Renewable powered home you don’t!

Thanks to EV World plugin owners we are cutting their funds!

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