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Some automakers with NO VISION for Electric Vehicles

Aug 22, 2014

Just about every automaker has a 100% electric. A few don't . Will they change ? Will they fail? We will see.

Some automakers have a NO VISION for Electric Vehicles ?

As you can see in the news and on EVworld just about every automaker has an entry in 100% electric vehicles. So far a few only make compliance vehicles to meet the minimum required to be able to sell vehicles in California. Who are they and why don’t they get serious like Nissan and Tesla have? Will they miss out on this fast growing area? Why are they putting their time and effort into H2 ,Hydrogen vehicles?

First of all the companies that just don’t seem serious about 100% electric vehicles are Toyota, Honda and Chrysler, what I call the 3 blind mice. There may be a few others but some have plans and are working in the background hoping to jump ahead in 2016-2017. We will see how that plan works in just a few years. Until then here are some ideas on why the others fail to act now.

With Toyota I can see they have a huge stake in the hybrid market and only seem to like NiMH batteries. So like some other traditional automakers they could disrupt their area of big sales and growth by offering a pure electric. As long as they have a profit and growing market they don’t have much incentive to change. They do work on Hydrogen since it won’t affect their market now or for the next 10 years or more. They also get incentives to work on Hydrogen.

With Honda it’s similar yet different. They do work on Hydrogen for the same reasons Toyota does. They just don’t seem to like 100% Electric now. In the near past they made the Honda PLUS that was very good and most recently the Honda FIT EV that is one of the best. They only made the required 1,100 to meet the compliance standard and they stopped production. They also only leased the vehicles so they can get them back and not have to support them. I just read the 2014 book, Driving Honda and it seems they love fuel and grease. They hardly mentioned 100% electrics and have also stopped some of their Hybrids that had very low sales numbers like the original and first hybrid the Insight and the Accord hybrid. HONDA claims a big environmental belief and being open to what customers want and creating markets but don’t seem to walk the talk.

Chrysler on the other hand is now foreign owned after FIAT bought it. They brag about being imported from Detroit. They also have ads about being hybrids by burning gas and rubber. There are also FIAT ads that say don’t buy our 500e electric because we lose money on each one. Where is their company heading?

There are a few who have jumped in recently like the German 3. VW with the e-GOLF and Mercedes with the Class B 100% electric. They are also in good company with the BMW i3 that has MPGe ahead of all makers. It’s good to see the German companies joining in since they had been so stuck on their Diesel gamble that just didn’t produce the results they really wanted. The pollution is very high from Diesels.

When do you think these last few companies will get serious about electrics? Will they be able to catch up or even pull ahead in time? Can anyone come close to the World leader Tesla?

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