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Tesla GEN 3 S III X

Jul 30, 2014

Tesla, green, fast,efficient,sustainable

What will the Tesla GEN 3 mean for the world? Tesla is going to make the Tesla GEN 3 as a mass produced 100% electric vehicle. It will seat 5 and have a range of 200+ miles on 1 charge. You will be able to use their Super Charger Network that will have about 300 location in the USA by 2016. Since Electricity 3 to 4 times less cost than gas and might be 5 to 6 times less by 2016 it is much less to fuel up. The Super Chargers are FREE and powered by 110% Renewable Power. There are no OIL changes or transmission or exhaust to replace and keep up. They also export their advanced cars all around the world. They even have super chargers in Asia and Europe. Their model S sedan and X Cross over have been sold out since they started. What can this mean to the USA economy and the worlds environment?

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