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Could CREE make Electric Vehicles and Solar PV more efficient?

Jul 01, 2014

Can the most efficient vehicles can they get even more efficient.

Could CREE make Electric Vehicles and Solar PV more efficient? My favorite LED lights are made by CREE in the USA. They are also Energy Star rated. I also see other LED makers use the CREE LED because it is so efficient and bright. Recently I noticed they also make Power Equipment and even LEDS for fiber optics. One of the power units that they make are MOSFETS that are used in Electric Vehicle controllers and Solar Inverters. Their Website says= Ideal for auxiliary power supplies in inverter-based systems. Did you know that Solectria that made advanced Electric Vehicles but were before their time so they switched over to Solar Inverters and used the same controller design from their Electric Vehicle . They connect them together to make any size inverter you may need. They are one of the top and most efficient Inverter makers in the world.

I know that EV controllers and Solar Inverters are in the 90+ range of efficiency already but these could be more efficient. EV Controllers are also very reliable but could be just a little better. In fact they can also make the heat pumps now starting to be used on Electric Vehicle better too. The headlights and other vehicle lights can become more efficient and USA made.

Sometimes it’s a lot of little improvements that make things a lot better. I even told my utility about CREE because they still gave discounts on old CFL lights that contain mercury, are not as efficient and don’t last as long. Now they have discounts on CREE LED lights. I also invest in GREEN companies and the CREE stock is doing very well and with all these areas that they now make USA products I expect it to keep doing very well for a long time. metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET, MOS-FET, or MOS FET)

is a transistor for amplifying or switching electronic signals.

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