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Tesla has started a new World, an EV World

Apr 04, 2014

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Tesla is changing our world. Now that Tesla has shown the world that drivers really want vehicles that can do EVerything other vehicles can do only better, EVeryone is joining in. Tesla has also shown the World wants clean renewable Energy and the same batteries and inverters can do that too. You don't have to go to Mars.

On April 3rd I saw some very rare new 100% Electric vehicles all in the same day. This shows how Tesla has started a whole new World, an EV World. I saw 3 Smart-ED Electric drive vehicles being unloaded off a car carrier at the Mercedes dealer in Chandler,AZ. A short time later I saw 2 e-GOLF VW vehicles charging in Tempe. A few hours latter I saw a Mercedes B class 100% Electric charging in Phoenix at a local Resort Conference center. Of course I was driving my Focus 100% Electric vehicle as I checked some of the 500+ EVSE charge locations. in our area. Many had Solar shading.

Our State of Arizona has 6 Super Charger locations up and fueling clean Tesla vehicles so they can travel anyplace in the USA. There is a 7th one that is almost compete. There are over 80 of these Nationwide with more coming every week. All are powered 110% by Renewable Energy, just like my house.

This is really a new World, an EV World where Energy is clean and abundant. See pictures and more at

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