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Dept of Defense Small-Business Research (SBIR/STTR) Opportunities due June 24

Here I am presenting opportunities to those engaged in research for electric and other advanced vehicles, to engage in activities related to their own research, earning some money for their efforts, as well as helping their country. Note: Some of these are restricted to American citizens, or certain “Permanent Resident” or “protected” foreigners. Others require watchful tracking of what the foreigners do.

The current DoD Small-Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Solicitation, 2015.2, and the current the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Solicitation, 2015.B, will be open until Wednesday, June 24.  Eligible small businesses are majority American-owned and have no more than 500 employees.

If you are an American engineer, working either by yourself or in a small company, receiving an SBIR or STTR Phase-I contract can give you the opportunity for developing something for the military that may build on your previous work, and may provide you with the opportunity to advance your knowledge and experience towards your own goals, while earning money that may finance further research.

More details, including links, are at the web page http://SBIR.DrZev.net.

The Department of Transportation also has an SBIR program, with the next set of topics will be announced sometime in the Fall.

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