DOT Deput Administrator Samuel Bonasso
United States Department of Transportation Deputy Administrator, Samuel Bonasso after his address to the 2004 Fuel Cell Seminar in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to his appointment to the DOT, he served as West Virginia's secretary of transportation and has 36 years of experience as a professional engineer. Click here for his BIO. Photo Credit: EV World.Com, Inc.

Safety Is DOT Job One

'Future In Motion'TM MP3 Audio Premium features November 2, 2004 address by US Department of Transportation Deputy Administrator Samuel Bonasso at Fuel Cell Seminar, San Antonio, Texas

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"The DOT plays a significant role in the transition to the hydrogen economy," Samuel Bonasso told an assemblage of some 3,000 individuals gathered for the opening plenary session of the 2004 Fuel Cell Seminar. "We need to be ready to assure that hydrogen-powered vehicles of all kinds are safe, and hydrogen moved in transportation is safe. Not only do we protect the public, ultimately we protect the public's confidence in the transportation system. Safety, that's DOT's job."

Bonasso stresses in this approximately 17-minute-long address the role of the Department of Transportation in working with hydrogen and fuel cell developers to make sure they understand what the regulators require and need, as well as to better understand what developers are doing.

He noted, "We're beginning to see a transition in the hydrogen fuel cell community from laboratory research and development to large-scale demonstrations to a drive to commercialization. It is a testament to the success of the efforts of everyone gathered here today and opens a new phase and role for government and industry."

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Published: 07-Jan-2005


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