Toyota RAV4 EV sport utility vehicle
You're looking at the only modern, production electric car sold to consumers, about 300 in total and nearly all in California. The battery electric Toyota RAV4 EV offers room for 4, highway speeds and pennies per mile operating costs. Some owners are charging theirs with solar electricity, making the car virtually pollution free.

Why Carmakers Really, REALLY Dislike EVs

Some call it 'disruptive technology' that threatens the status quo, but someday soon it may save our bacon

By Earl Cox

For years advocates of electric cars have argued over why auto makers have been less than enthusiastic, to put it mildly, about battery electric cars.  It's a debate Californian Earl Cox simply couldn't resist adding his two cents worth. While EV World doesn't necessarily endorse every point of his perspective, it does make for stimulating reading.

  After watching the EV1 debacle over the past 14 years from both inside and outside the industry, a simple fact has become very clear to me.

Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle manufacturers REALLY BADLY don't want electric cars.

Once this assumption is made, everything falls into place:

Why don't they want electric cars?

Look at history:

Look at corporate structure: Now put yourself into a position of any authority in this industry:

I dare you to walk into the board room and suggest a car that has no use for power-trains or power-plants and significantly reduces the need for service. Now try to find a friend in the room

Once you realize that the BEV must be stopped, you must figure out how. If you are a major multi-billion dollar company, you'll spare little expense.

Now suppose, as all campaigns do, a few problems surface:

Suppose your R&D company screws up and makes an EV that really looks great?



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