Ford Model U concept vehicle
Interior of Ford Model U concept vehicle designed for flexible use and includes a voice activated system.

Detroit Debut: Model U Photos

First look at Ford Model U hydrogen-hybrid concept vehicle.

By EVWorld.Com

Here's a tall order for you.

Design a motor vehicle that quells the mounting criticism of environmentalists who rail against your environmentally-unfriendly SUVs. Power it with a power plant that is reliable, clean and economical using a pollution-free fuel and make it get superior fuel economy using a hybrid-electric drive.

Model U Photos

Top View

Front View

Vehicle Details Press Release

Build it from renewable materials like soy and corn using an innovative cradle-to-cradle "nutrient" engineering philosophy. And make it as attractive to as wide an audience of potential customers as possible, all the while winning back the confidence of a skeptical public.

Ford Motor Company believes its newly announced Model U concept vehicle comes as close as we can reasonably be expected to achieve given our current level of technology. EV World plans to give a much more extensive look at this innovative concept, but we thought our readers would enjoy seeing several early press release photos of the vehicle, including the interior photo that view above.

One of the more interesting parts of this project is the role that our friend and colleague Bill McDonough and his associates played in developing the technology that has gone into the car. We hope to do an interview with Bill as soon as we can get him to break free from his typically hectic schedule.

When Ford cancelled the Th!nk electric car program it disappointed and angered many in the EV world. If the Model U becomes more than just another curious concept, Ford could do much to rebuild its tattered green image. Here's hoping they do.

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Published: 05-Jan-2003


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