Tom Gross - US Energy Department
Tom Gross has been crusading for more efficient vehicles for years. Finally, someone listened.

The Automotive Facts of Life

Recorded live at Electric Transportation Industry Conference, December 12, 2001.

By Bill Moore

You have to admire Tom Gross, the director of the US Energy Department's Office of Transportation Technology.

He's been preaching the gospel of efficiency, alternative fuel vehicles for as long as I can remember. I recall the first time I heard him speak in Detroit and warn of a "coming storm."

Now, it appears that storm has struck and the need for America to wean itself off its addiction to imported fossil fuels has never been greater. He argues persuasively with charts and graphs that unless America gets "aggressive" in its efforts to build more efficient vehicles and switch to sustainable fuels, the US will find itself importing 65% of its oil by 2020, leaving the nation even more vulnerable to political blackmail and economic disruption.

If you want to know at least part of the reason why US Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham announced the Bush Administration's support for the development of fuel cell technology, and more importantly, a hydrogen infrastructure, then listen to Gross' 22 minute presentation at the opening of the ETIC 2001 conference in Sacramento, California.

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Published: 12-Jan-2002


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