Chevy S10 with gasoline reformer fuel cell
This tricked-out Chevy S10 pickup is powered by the world's first gasoline-reformer fuel cell system.

Three Experts On EV Prospects

Selected panelist views on the prospects for battery, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

By EV World

The organizers of the 2001 Electric Transportation Industry Conference brought together experts from around the world to share their views on numerous issues related to the development and deployment of electric-drive vehicles.

The morning plenary session on December 13, 2001 featured five such experts, three of whom we feature below. The fourth, Frank Ingriselli, is featured in a separate presentation. The fifth panelist, Dan Sperling, will be featured in a future presentation.

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Robert Stemple Robert Stemple
The former head of GM and now chairman of Energy Conversion Devices gives his perspective on the progress made in electrid-drive development over the last decade.
Kateri Callahan Kateri Callahan
The executive director of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas talks about the role her organization plays in helping make electric-drive technology a reality.
Ron Cogan Ron Cogan
Former Car & Driver journalist and founder of the Green Car Institute talks about the challenges confronting an industry still trying to establish its rightful place in an oil-dependent world.

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Published: 05-Jan-2002


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