Artist's rendering of electric lawn tractor that not only can quietly and cleanly cut large swaths of grass, but also provide onboard electric power, as well as push snow and tow considerable weights without burning a drop of gasoline.

Resurrecting the American Electric Lawn Tractor

Skype video interview with Viriditech President Brian Elyea

By EV World Video

The global economic meltdown that began in 2008 bankrupt two of the world's largest car makers. But for a controversial U.S. government bailout, both General Motors and Chrysler might be history today, along with a significant part of the auto supplier chain and thousands of car dealerships. The ripple effect could have been cataclysmic, it's been speculated.

One little company did fail in the wake of the 'Great Recession.' Its name was Electric Tractor USA. They were in the process of introducing the first all-electric lawn tractor since a long dead and buried GE model. EV World featured they story a decade ago.

With no bail-out money available, the company closed its doors, its product little more than a working prototype and slick artist's rendering [see below].

Now a US and Canadian-based company called Viriditech, formed by former employees, is working hard to revive the product, using the new phenomenon of crowdfunding to raise the capital to complete the project. According to company president Brian Elyea, who lives in Kitchner, Ontario in Canada, the effort is tantalizing close to coming to fruition.

With much of North America from Nebraska to Ontario blanketed in snow, we got Elyea on Skype to talk about their project and the campaign to raise the money to finish the tractor's cover and start production. The interview is in two-parts and featured via Youtube embedded below.

Skype Video Part 1

Skype Video Part 2

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Published: 09-Feb-2014


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