Prof. Focardi and Andrea Rossi
Professor Sergio Focardi (left) with Andrea Ross (right) and Prof.Stremmenos (center) checking readings during recent experiments with E-Catalyst.

30 Minutes With Andrea Rossi

EV World talks with E-Catalyst inventor Andrea Rossi

By EV World Audio

Like a lot of curious souls, Andrea Rossi was intrigued by the work of Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann when they announced the discovery of "cold fusion," a controversial process that purported to show a low energy (temperature) nuclear reaction taking place in palladium when immersed in deuterium "heavy water".

As a young, 20-something engineer in Italy, Rossi had started his own business developing equipment to recover waste heat from industrial boilers and other waste heat processes. He decides to see if he could replicate their experiment only to fail, as did many others. But instead of writing off the experiment, it planted a seed that slowly germinated over the past thirty years.

By 2007, that seed had sprouted into the plans for a small boiler that would heat the office area of Rossi's plant in northeastern Italy. At this point, he called in retired Professor Sergio Focardi, who had done research on the low energy nuclear interaction of nickel and hydrogen and the potential generation of gamma rays.

That partnership would lead to the fabrication of the prototype boiler, and the subsequent contract to build a one megawatt unit for a group in Greece. That unit will go live, Rossi assured EV World, in October and with it more details on how the mysterious process works, but in the interim he shares some heretofore little known details about the theory behind the E-Catalyst device.

Andrea Rossi has a blog/forum set up to enable discussion of LENR and related topics at http://www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com/

Due to the potential significance of Rossi and Focardi's research, we are making this interview available to all EV World readers. The file has been reduced to 6.5MB by converting it to a monaural file. To listen to the complete 32-minute interview use the embedded MP3 players in the right-hand column.


17-July-2011 -- While doing some subsequent research for the MOBILE edition of EV World's weekly newsletter, we came across the translation of an interview with Professor Stremmenos, who is, himself, regarded as the 'father' of Cold Fusion research in Greece. The interview is very informative and explains how his relationship with Professor Focardi, with him he taught at the University of Bologna, and with Andrea Rossi developed. The interview also provides additional insights into how the Rossi-Focardi e-Cat module works.

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Published: 11-Jul-2011


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