Kevin Sharpe and David Peilow pose at John O'Groat before setting off for Land's End.
Kevin Sharpe (left) and David Peilow (right) pose at John O'Groats before setting off for Land's End on 21 May 2011.

Revenge of the Roadster - The Next Chapter

British entrepreneurs team up in across-Britain drive.

By EV World Audio

Last summer Tesla owner David Peilow was incensed by a BBC programming stun to show how long it takes to drive from London to Edinburgh in Scotland by Think city electric car; a journey the media giant said would take 4 days. Peilow jumped into his personal Roadster and made the trip in 18 hours.

Now he's back, along with Zero Carbon World founder Kevin Sharpe to demonstrate it's possible to drive the length and breadth of Britain in a modern electric car like the Roadster, using two new, low-cost charging networks they've been individually developing for the last two years.

They set out this morning (21 May 2011) from the very northern tip of Scotland at a place called John O'Groats. They're planning is to drive all the way through to Land's End, at the opposite end of the island, a distance of some 900 miles, in just two days' time.

They are "tweeting" their journey at #EV and #EndtoEnd, and when EV World caught up with them at 9 PM London time, they were one-third of the way their goal and some 300+ miles from their starting point. Sharpe provided us with his cellphone number and we chatted for some 20+ minutes as they travelled down the A68 motorway south of Edinburgh on their way to Durham in the North of England.

You can listen to our conversation of just over a hour ago (at the time of this posting) by using either of the two MP3 players in the right-hand column, or by downloading it to your computer for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

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Published: 21-May-2011


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