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GEV Corporaton (formerly Electric City Motors) began with this small compact, four door, Chinese-made sedan, converting it to electric drive. The new vehicle line-up runs the gambit.

GEV Emerges From the Shadows

MP3 Podcast interview with David Ward

By EV World Podcast

There are the high-profile electric car makers: Tesla, Think, Coda... now Ford and GM; and then there's GEV Corporation.


You might know them as Electric City Motors; henceforth to be known as GEV -- Green Electric Vehicles -- Corporation, formerly of Colorado, but now busily relocating to the Florida coast to be close to a deep water port through which it is planning to import a full line of Chinese manufactured engine-less gliders from Fit-sized sedans to full-size crew cab pickups, all to be propelled by a proprietary, patent-pending electric drive system, energized by lithium-ion batteries, and costing between US$25,000-$40,000.

Yes, you read that right. And not only that, but they'll all have ranges between 175-250 miles.. and they are all DOT crash-certified, air bags and all. These are not Low-Speed EVs, but fully highway-capable: legal to operate on American roads.

Now if you find that a little hard to believe -- and you wouldn't be alone -- Dave Ward is convinced and convincing that the company, which has been working quietly in the shadows for seven years -- the web site says the company was officially founded by S.T. Tripathi in 2007 -- now can deliver more than just one model, but a half dozen, all of which will be adapted to electric drive once they land in Florida, starting this March.

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Published: 21-Jan-2010


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