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One-on-one with BluWave System's Gary Gloceri at 2008 EDTA conference.

By EV World Television

Gary Gloceri introduced EV World's Publisher to his second "white knuckle ride" as they put an electric version of the Smart Coupe through its paces on a road behind WaveCrest Lab's Rochester Hills, Mi. offices.

Having done some amateur racing, Gloceri demonstrated what the car could do when equipped with a pair of 25kW electric hub motors designed by the company and controlled by software Gloceri and his fellow team members had developed.

Holding on for dear life, our intrepid leader agreed he was convinced. Gloceri knew how to drive the car on its ragged edge and the company's hub motors worked.

Since that memorable day, EV World and Gloceri have continued to cross paths, this time at the 2008 Electric Drive Transportation Association [EDTA] conference and exhibition in Washington, D.C., an event largely overshadowed by the hearings on Capitol Hill, as Congress debated underwriting loans to Detroit's Big Three.

In the quiet of the exhibit hall, Gloceri sat down to talk about the recent acquisition of WaveCrest's successor, BluWave Systems, by Canadian-based auto electronics supplier, Magna Electronics, a division of Magna International, whose Magna-Steyr division recently rolled out the Mila Hybrid at the Paris Auto Show in the Fall of 2009. That vehicle is pictured below.

The two also discuss the current "health" of the electric vehicle industry and what the future may hold.

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Published: 07-Jan-2009


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