BMW X6 Hybrid will sport a 400 hp V-8 gasoline engine and the jointly developed 2-Mode hybrid transmission boasting another 60kW of electric power.

BMW's Two-Mode X6 Hybrid

Wieland Bruch talks about the company's first full hybrid at 2008 LA Auto Show

By EV World Television

BMW has traditionally been known as a performance-oriented European automaker and that tradition is about to get an electric-boost.

Later this year, BMW will begin offering to sale -- price not yet announced -- its first full gasoline-electric hybrid based on the two-mode hybrid transmission it co-developed with General Motors, Chrysler and Mercedes.

The X6 will mate a 400hp BMW V-8 engine to a pair electric motors rated at 60kW within the hybrid transmission. Considered by BMW a 'coupe', the conventional, non-hybrid X6 is a four-door sport sedan that starts at $52,000 and is powered by a 300 hp V-6 engine. The more powerful hybrid model clearly is going to pack a punch when it comes to acceleration. Fuel economy is expected, according to Wieland Bruck in this exclusive EV World Television interview, to be about 20% better than the standard X6, despite the additional pair of cylinders.

Like GM's own two-mode hybrids, the X6 will be able to move under electric power only at lower speeds, drawing power from its NiMH battery pack.

BMW X6 two-mode hybrid coupe

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Published: 06-Jan-2009


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