Shai Agassi at Australian introduction of Better Place
Shai Agassi's Better Place now has agreements with Israel, Denmark and most recently, Australia to install electric car recharging and battery swapping stations.

Shai Agassi at Web 2.0

Founder of Project Better Place on the rationale behind his electric car business model.

By EV World

John Battelle sits down with Shai Agassi at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco last week to candidly talk about his concept of building a vast network of electric car charging and battery swapping stations.

Intriguingly, Agassi notes that using any number of different assumptions, Better Place's business model proves to be cheaper for the consumer than the current buy/lease model we have today.

This is a excellent discussion that is well worth the 33-minutes it takes to watch if you're interested in how Better Place may revolutionize personal mobility in the coming age of the electric car.

Be sure to also see EV World's exclusive interview with Agassi, as well as our EV World Television webcast with Sven Thesen, Better Place's Manager for Strategic Operations.

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Published: 13-Nov-2008


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