Director Chris Paine and Chelsea Sexton with EV1 electric car
Chelsea Sexton with 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' director, Chris Paine. Behind them is EV1 built and subsequently crushed by General Motors.

Chelsea Sexton: Electric Car Lightning Rod

Insightful insider's perspective on the recent resurrection of interest in electric cars.

By EV World Television

Chelsea Sexton, who first gained public notoriety in Chris Paine's 2006 documentary, 'Who Killed the Electric Car," considers herself the "grout between the stakeholder tiles." The co-founder of Plug In America and now leading The Lightning Rod Foundation, Sexton has long been a outspoken advocate for electric vehicles ever since the days she worked for General Motors as an EV1 specialist whose job was to assist customers who leased the short-lived, two-seat electric car. She helped lead efforts to keep the car from being recalled and crushed, an exercise that ultimately failed, but not before bringing public attention to the fate of these innovative machines.

She was invited to be part of a panel on electric cars moderated by EV World's publisher at the Set America Free conference last month in suburban Chicago. In her 8-minute presentation she talks about her role as a facilitator and the importance of entrepreneurs and venture capital in bringing about a resurgence of interest in electric cars, a process that she and Chris Paine now are documenting in their sequel, appropriately entitled, "Revenge of the Electric Car." She also discusses the importance of managing expectations because in the initial years electric vehicle availability will be limited, with demand likely to far outpace production capacity.

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Published: 12-Nov-2008


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