Google Chairman, CEO Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt not only heads up Google, but serves on the Obama economic advisory team.

The Brain Trust Behind the Obama Energy Plan

Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt on Sustainable Energy

By EV World

If you want insight into thinking behind the Obama energy plan, then you'll want to spend an hour listening to Eric Schmidt's address to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on 1 October 2008. Mr. Schmidt is not only the Chairman and CEO of Google, but is also a part of the Obama economic advisory team.

Following the traditional format, he speaks for half an hour and then takes questions for the second half hour. From his remarks, it's every clear that the President-electric has adapted much of his agenda based on the concepts Schmidt discusses from smart grids to renewable energy to plug-in hybrids.

He also discusses how America is going to finance the changes the President-elect is proposing.

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Published: 10-Nov-2008


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