Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski
Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski proposes innovative initiatives to encourage the development and deployment of plug-in electric vehicles, including creation of a state-wide charging system.

Keeping Oregon on the Forefront of Green Transportation

Video address by Governor Ted Kulongoski at 2008 Meeting of the Minds conference.

By EV World

If you think Californians are crazy for hybrid cars, think again. According to Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, on a per capita basis, there are more hybrids in his Pacific northwest state than any other in America, in part because of statewide incentives.

But in the upcoming legislative session, the Governor is proposing to phase out those incentives. Instead, he wants to shift the funds to promote the introduction of plug-in electric cars. He is also proposing that the state work with its utility providers to create a network of charging stations, akin to the new one that PGE just turned on last week prior to the Meeting of the Minds conference in Portland.

The following 20-minute video was shot inside the Portland Art Museum, unfortunately under suboptimal lighting and audio conditions, so we apologize for the marginal quality of the finished production. We did everything we could to enhance it, without much success. Still, in this case, the message is far more important than the medium. If other state governors become as visionary and proactive as Governor Kulongoski, then there's a very real chance that America's transition away from a petroleum-dependent transportation system to a sustainable one powered by renewably generated electric power will be less bumpy.


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Published: 04-Aug-2008


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