Sign proclaims Electric Cars for a Change.
PluginAmerica unfurls house-sized banner proclaiming 'Electric Cars for a change' at March 26, 2008 press conference rallying support for electric cars. Photo courtesy of Richard Kelly.

Electric Cars: In the National Interest

Former Director Central Intelligence, R. James Woolsey addresses press conference in advance of ARB meeting in Sacramento

By EV World

You don't often see Jim Woolsey as worked up about an issues as he was during the Plugin America press conference held on March 26, 2008 in Sacramento, California on the eve of what could be one of the most important meetings in automotive history, and the nation.

At stake are hundreds of billions of dollars and, as explained by Bonnie Holmes-Gen of the American Lung Association of California, the health and well-being of millions of people.

Woolsey's remarks, captured in the video below are part of a trio of speeches that include Plug In Hybrids, The Cars That Will Recharge America author Sherry Boschert and Tesla Motors executive Diamuid O'Connell.

Also lending his support to the cause of electric-drive vehicles is the former Reagan Administration Secretary of State, George P. Shultz, who sent Governor Schwartzenegger this letter, urging him to make plug-in hybrids a near term priority, instead of fuel cells.

The Air Resources Board meets on March 27, 2008 to consider recommendations of its staff to again modify its Zero Emission Vehicle mandate that would in the view of both environmental, national security and electric vehicle advocates severely set back the cause of clean, petroleum-free transportation alternatives.

The hearings will be webcast and can be viewed on the California EPA website starting at 9 AM Pacific Coast time.

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Published: 27-Mar-2008


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