EVC LLC Electric Scooter
Stratsys 3D additive printing technology was used to fabricate this full-sized turboprop model; the same used to create the Urbee plug-in hybrid concept car.

American Made: Volta Electric Motor Scooter

The story behind Electric Vehicle Co. LLC's new American-made electric scooter.

By EV World

I've known Graham Hill for nearly a decade. My wife and I have stayed with him and his wife in their Boulder, Colorado home. And all that time I've known him, he's been involved with a succession of electric vehicle companies, usually as a marketing and sales executive. So, I was not surprised to learn that he was now part of the newly formed Electric Vehicles Company, LLC, headquartered in his home town.

For nearly all the time we've been friends, all of the EVs he's represented where about as fast as the box turtles he keeps as pets in his sunlit basement. Now he has a vehicle that goes faster than 25 mph, an almost entirely American-built -- except for the German-made electric motor -- step-through scooter, perhaps the first since the demise decades ago of venerable, but clunky Cushman.

Unlike the handful of Asian and European-originated machines available in North America, EVC scooters will be assembled from U.S.-made parts, including frames and plastic body panels in the company's Boulder plant.

I found Graham with two of his pre-production prototypes at the AltCar Expo in Santa Monica. Given the poor lighting in the hangar, I coaxed Graham to step outside so we could video tape our conversation, only to be waved off that because of Homeland Security Rules, we couldn't video tape on this side of the hangar. We tried another door and another guardian of America warned us we couldn't be here.

Finally, we found a suitable location where we could tape the interview and not run afoul of national security, which you'll find below. Naturally, it would have been nice to also video one of the scooters in operation, but EVC's insurance wouldn't allow him to operate at the Expo. He did promise, however, to have it available for future test drives early next year when production is slated to begin.

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Published: 02-Nov-2007


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