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Sharing: Key to Mobility Innovations

Presentation from 2007 Meeting of the Minds conference, Oakland, California

By Susan Shaheen

Do we all need to own a car in order to enjoy the freedom of personal mobility? Not really.

In this Meeting of the Minds presentation, Susan Shaheen, who directs U.C. Berkeley's Innovative Mobility Research program, provides a rapid-fire overview of a host of successful mobility schemes around the world that demonstrate we don't have own an automobile in insure the freedoms of movement we all desire.

From public and private car sharing schemes in the U.S. to Paris' breakthrough le Velib bike share program, each clearly suggests there are other less costly approaches -- both in terms of personal finances and environmentally -- to provide many of us with transportation options beyond the burden of individual car ownership.

A proponent of the need for intelligent transportation systems, smart growth, and multi-modal forms of personal mobility, Shaheen focues her talk on two keep areas: car sharing and bike sharing, leaving the topic of car pooling to the follow-on speaker, Robin Chase, whose new company GoLoco.org offers some creative ways to overcome the social barriers to ride sharing.

This presentation is a wealth of facts and figures on mobility sharing programs from around the planet that highlights both the failures of the past and how they have molded the successes of the present, while pointing the way to a more sustainable transportation system of the future.

You can listen to Dr. Shaheen's 25-minute plus presentation using either of the two MP3 players at the top of the page or by downloading the 6.54MB file to your computer for transfer to and playback on your favorite MP3 device.

EV World expresses its appreciation to the organizers and funders of the Meeting of the Minds conference to granting us permission to attend and record the event for EV World subscribers and listeners.

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Published: 08-Oct-2007


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