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Sustainable Mobility: Key to Urban Development

EV World TV video from Meeting of the Minds conference, 12-13 September 2007.

By EV World

U.C. Berkeley's renowned College of Environmental Design co-hosted the first of what it hoped to be an annual "Meeting of the Minds" conference to discuss the issues and opportunities of mobility in an increasingly urbanized world.

Professor Harrison Fraker, the Dean of the College, gave one of the opening keynote addresses laying out the board scope of the challenge to the role of transportation planning in the world's cities and how different regions have responded historically, and which of those models will China, India and Latin America emulate.

Between the three major regions of North America, Europe and Japan, the mix of travel modes is the most unbalanced in the United States with some 90 percent of travel by personal automobile, compared to the mix in either Japan or the EU where walking, cycling and public transit play a much larger role. With the newly developing middle class in China and India buying millions of new cars yearly, the concern is that if they try to achieve automobile ownership ratios like those in the U.S.A., this will pose serious economic, social and environmental problems for not only their societies, but the rest of the planet.

So, what is the right mix of public and private transportation? How do we not only encourage the emerging economies of the world like China and India to pursue policies that balance the needs for personal independence with the well-being of the society but how do we do it here in America?

The following video is just under 40-minutes in length.

EV World expresses its appreciation to Gordon Feller and Urban Age for inviting us to the conference and for granting us permission to record it and share it with our "viewers".

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Published: 22-Sep-2007


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