Ellesmere Ice Shelf break-off
Satellite image of gigantic ice shelf of Canada's Ellesmere Island that recently broke off, exposing the glacier behind it to the open sea. The fear is that without the ice shelf to restrain it, the glacier will begin a more rapid slide into the sea, raising sea levels. If other ice shelfs in both the Arctic and Antarctic do the same, the resulting sea level rise will be catastrophic for low lying coastal regions around the planet.

Hell, Highwater and Climate Change

Air America Radio's Al Franken interviews Dr. Joe Romm on his new book. Hell and Highwater.

By EV World

Dr. Joseph Romm, the author of The Hype About Hydrogen, is now on the warpath against the deniers and delayers of global warming, examining not only the science behind climate change but also the politics. To quote the publisher's description, Romm "exposes the tactics of conservative politicians who deny the science and delay genuine action on alternative energy initiatives."

Comedian-turned-liberal radio talk show host, Al Franken interviews Romm about his allegations, asking why conservatives deny the consensus of science and seek to delay any meaningful, unified action by portraying the crisis as an unsettled "debate" when the debate ended years ago.

Romm sees the problem as one of ideology "trumps" science, that tackling global warming requires strong government action, which is anathema to "small government" conservatives.

"They don't agree with the treatment, so they won't accept with the diagnosis," Romm explained to Franken.

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Published: 09-Jan-2007


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