Drawing for Wavecrest electric bicycles
Wavecrest's Heather Buschbacher draws winning names along with Gary Gloceri, who heads the company's vehicle controls program in Detroit. EV World's editor, Bill Moore, looks on. Wavecrest's Tom McMahon and other Wavecrest employees joined the event via video conference link from Dulles, Virginia

Ride the Wave Winners Announced

Winners come from around the globe including Australia, Japan and North America

By EV World

On June 16th at precisely 11 AM Eastern Time, a laptop computer in the conference room at Wavecrest's Rochester Hills, Michigan research facility randomly generated 12 winning names from our paid subscribers mailing list as part of our "Ride the Wave" contest to give away two Wavecrest Tidalforce electric bicycles, plus an all-expenses-paid trip for the Grand Prize winner to Washington, D.C. The names were placed in a "wave" vase and two names were drawn, the first for the second place prize, the next for the grand prize. The remaining ten names will receive Wavecrest, all-weather, fleece jackets.

Here are the winners:

Grand Prize (Tidalforce M-750 and Washington, D.C. Trip) Scott Westbrook, Los Gatos, CA

Second Prize (Tidalforce IO): Ken Aeschbacher, San Diego, CA

Wavecrest Jackets:
Wallace Brand, Alexandria, VA
Michael Cykana, Mansfield, TX
Ronald Haywood, Wallville, NY
Andrew Hull, Cambria, CA
Robert Johnson, Baltimore, MD
Tsuyoshi Matsuo, Kagawa, Japan
Chuck Napoli, Chappaqua, NY
David Reeds, Mississauga, Canada
Ronald Sackville, Coffs Harbor, Australia
Erik Sweet, Houston, TX

Wavecrest will be contacting the winners in the near future. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed.

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Published: 19-Jun-2004


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