Lane Transit District BRT station
Computer-generated illustration of future Bus Rapid Transit system station in Eugene, Orgeon. LTD has made extensive use of both still images and video animations to help the community visualize BRT.

LTD BRT: Inventing Tomorrow

A 40-minute audio interview with Lane Transit's Ken Hamm.

By Bill Moore

Lane Transit District (LTD) services the twin cities of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. When the community looked at constructing a light-rail commuter train, similar to the highly-successful one in Portland, the cost of the project was simply too daunting. At an estimated US$30-60 million per mile, the city fathers decided that was a financial "nut" too hard to swallow.

Instead, a team from Lane Transit District proposed a new concept, based on a successful bus system operating in Curitiba, Brazil. The idea would combine the best features of light-rail and conventional buses, but at a far lower cost-per-mile.

In a 40-minute dialog, LTD's director, Ken Hamm talks to EV World about the district's innovative Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and the technology it will employ, including a brand-new, American-built hybrid-electric BRT bus.

To listen to this two-part interview, click the Play Audio links at the top right. You will need the RealPlayer plugin available for free from Real.com.

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Published: 19-Jul-2003


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