Doug Frasher w/ Extreme Gravity Bicycle
Volvo Strategic Design Chief Douglas Frasher with Extreme Gravity bicycle which he hopes to power electrically to capture future records. It's cross section is no wider than his head and shoulders. Coasting down hill, it will do 40 mph with the driver's chin just two inches off the ground

GOing Conference Audio: Part 4

This week we feature presentations on Bus Rapid Transit and Volvo's narrow-lane concept vehicle

By EV World

Last week, we featured presenters who talked about ways to put more people into fewer cars through carsharing and ride-sharing concepts. This week, we feature more innovative ideas, including Bus Rapid Transit and narrow lane vehicles. BRT is a hybrid concept that attempts to solve the high cost issues of light-rail by using redesigned buses with dedicated lanes and traffic light priority to move more people efficiently using existing street infrastructures.

As always, EV World wishes to extend its appreciation to the organizers of the first GOing conference for permitting us to make all the presenters addresses available to our subscribers. To listen to the week's speakers, either click the play button on the Flash-based MP3 Player or download the file to your computer hard drive and listen to it on your favorite MP3 device.

Fred Silver
Vice President, WestStart/CALSTART

Fred oversees the Bus Rapid Transit Partnership Programs with the Federal Transit Administration, including development and implementation of the FTA BTR Action Plan. He is the Senior Advisor to the BRT newsLane and performs outreach for the FTA with Bus Manufacturers and Transit Properties. He also manages the Hybrid Electric Truck Users Forum for the US Army, and acts as a Senior Advisor on the WestStart/CALSTART Clean Mobility Programs involving small, clean-fueled vehicles in new applications at transit nodes. His past experience includes Business Development for GM Hughes Electronics and Delco Electronics where he worked on advanced propulsion and battery charging systems.

Doug Frasher
Strategic Design Chief, Volvo Concept Center

Frasher is Volvo's Strategic Design Chief at the Swedish company's Concept Center in Camarillo, California. He's largely responsible for the revolution in Volvo's design styling away from its traditional box. During his presentation at GOing, he talked about a wide variety of innovative concepts including a narrow, two-passenger vehicle that could, in effect, double the capacity of any city's highway system. He stressed the importance of innovative, out-of-the-box thinking as typified by the Extreme Gravity Bicycle he designed and is depicted above. Below are examples of some of the vehicles he's designed and references in his address.

Personal Mobility Concept Car

Safety Concept Car (SCC)

SCC "See-thru" pillar

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Published: 08-Oct-2004


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