FedEx truck
Starting late in 2003, 20 diesel hybrid-electric medium-duty FedEx delivery vans will be plying the streets of four American cities, producing a fraction of the emissions of this conventional van.

FedEx Sets Hybrid Truck Pace

An exclusive interview with Mitch Jackson, FedEx environmental program manager

By Bill Moore

It's only a 20 vehicle test program to start with, but FedEx Express' newly announced diesel hybrid-electric delivery van demonstration may someday be looked upon as a major watershed in the shift to a more sustainable transportation system.

For the first time in history, a major US corporation -- with $22 billion in annual revenues -- has committed to a program that hopefully will see its entire fleet of 30,000 medium-sized delivery vans converted to hybrid-electric drive systems.

Three years ago, FedEX was approached by Environmental Defense with a proposal to improve the company's fuel economy and reduce its emissions. With a surface transportation fleet of close to 50,000 vehicles consuming millions of gallons of fuel every year, both the company and the environment would benefit from the introduction of EV technology.

During our 20-minute interview with Mitch Jackson, FedEx's environmental programs manager, EV World also learned that the company is launching a fuel cell demonstration program in Japan this month, in cooperation with General Motors Corporation. A major competitor, UPS, will be initiating a similar fuel cell program in the Detroit area with DaimlerChrysler.

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Published: 07-Jun-2003


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