Cape Wind wind turbine next to Statue of Liberty
Opponents to the Cape Winds windfarm use this image to illustrate the enormous size of each wind turbine, more than 130 of which are proposed for the Horseshoe Shoals site.

Cape Winds of Contention

Interview with MassTech's Greg Watson, VP for renewable energy.

By Bill Moore

If the Army Corps of Engineers gives it its blessing and it survives the inevitable court fight to follow, the Cape Winds wind farm off the coast of Cape Cod will be the first offshore renewable power generation plant in North America and possibly the largest of its type in the world.

But it won't be built with the blessing of many in the environmental community, especially those who call the beautiful Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket area their home. The debate has become so rancorous and divisive that the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, a quasi-governmental entity designed to promote technological development in the state, offers its services to help arbitrate the dispute, or at least help define the questions.

Cape Wind Links
Both sides of the debate have used computer photo simulations of what the completed wind farm would look like. The image link to this article shows the Nantucket Island ferry passing by the farm. Click the link below for a full view of the simulation created for project opponents.
View Ferry [Simulation]

This would be the view of the wind farm from Nantucket Island. This image was created for the project developers.
View from Nantucket [Simulation]

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  • Greg Watson is at the center of the storm and in this 40 minute long interview we discuss the main points of contention from the visual impact of the project to its effect on endangered birds and marine mammals.

    To listen to the interview, click the Play Audio links at the right. You will need the free RealPlayer from Real.com.

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    Published: 15-Jun-2003


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