Ford EcoSport burns gasoline and alcohol
Ford EcoSport manufactured in Brazil is powered by a Flex 1.6 L, dual-fuel engine capable of burning both gasoline and alcohol fuels in any blend. Since its introduction in 2005, it's the top selling vehicle in its market segment in Brazil and Ford's best seller in Argentina. Together, more than 75,000 units were sold last year in the two countries.

Ending Oil Dependence: The Third Way

A briefing by Anne Korin on twin bills in the U.S. Congress that mean to reduce Americas dependence on oil

By EV World

Anne Korin helped found the Institute for Analysis of Global Security and then the the Set America Free coalition, whose mission is to free the nation from its over-dependence on petroleum, in particular oil from the volatile Middle East. She and her colleague, Gal Luft, have been spearheading efforts in Congress to introduce legislation that can go a long ways towards achieving the goals recently highlighted in the energy section of the 2006 State of the Union.

In addition to helping bring together what she refers to as some pretty strange political "bedfellows", she has also been busy briefing Congressional staffers on the issues surrounding America's over-reliance on petroleum and what technologies and policies can be instrumental in moving the country along what she calls the "third way" of fuel choice and technology.

The key provision of each bill is the establishing of a oil reduction target and year-by-year timeline of how to get there, including policy measures and technological options. The Senate bill asks for a 7 million barrels per day (mbd) reduction, while the House bill asks for 5 mbd in twenty years. The first target is 2.5 mbb by 2015.

From Korin's perspective one of the most immediate ways to implement an oil reduction strategy is through the greater use of alternative fuels, especially alcohol-based fuels like ethanol and methanol. Carmakers like Ford and GM have sold millions of flexible fuel cars and trucks in America and build hundreds of thousands of "second generation" flex-fuel engines in Brazil, like Ford's Flex 1.6 L engine used in the Brazilian-made EcoSport.

It costs carmakers less than $150 per vehicle to equip them to burn either gasoline or alcohol or blends of each. Korin sees this as a way for carmakers to absolve themselves of responsibility for the nation's oil dependency.

There are also provisions for providing tax incentives for plug-in hybrids and closing the gas-guzzler loophole.

You can listen to Korin's personal briefing for EV World readers and listeners by using the Flash-based MP3 player above or by downloading the 4.3MB audio file to your personal computer for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

Twin Fuel Choices Bills
Below are the links to both S2025 and HR 4409, as well as a summary of the measures found in the later as published on the Library of Congress Thomas web site.

S2025 : Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act

HR4409 : Fuel Choices for American Security Act of 2005

Summary of HR 4409

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