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Volvo to Offer All-electric Buses
Volvo promotional video on its new all-electric buses now being introduced into Gothenburg, Sweden. - 20-Sep-2015

Tesla Model X Reveal
Elon Musk reveals the new Tesla Model X SUV on September 29, 2015 at Fremont, California assembly plant, starting with talking about the car's safety, which is rated 5 stars in every category. - 02-Oct-2015

Testing Driving Tesla's New Autopilot System
Jerry Berg (AKA Barnacules Nerdgasm) borrows a friends Tesla Model S P85D and tests its brand new Auto Pilot feature on California roads and freeways. - 22-Oct-2015

Formula E - Beijing 2015 Race Highlights
Highlights for the just-completed 2015 Formula E race in Beijing, China. - 24-Oct-2015

Electric Cars and Global Warming
Union of Concerned Scientists video explores the global warming emissions of EVs on a lifecycle basis, from the manufacturing of their batteries to their ultimate disposal or reuse. - 19-Nov-2015

Breakthrough Energy Coalition Formed
Microsoft's Bill Gates, along with a number of other billionaires, create Breakthrough Energy Coalition to fund 'breakthrough' energy technologies to help move the world away from its dependence on climate-changing fossil fuels. - 30-Nov-2015

President Obama Addresses COP 21 Climate Conference
U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the COP 21 Climate Change conference in Paris, France. - 01-Dec-2015

Elon Musk at the Sorbone
Tesla and SpaceX CEO talks about carbon cycle and need for carbon tax as mean by which to start to slow global warming during the COP21 Climate talks in Paris. - 05-Dec-2015

You're the Voice
1 Million Women Climate Change Anthem uses music to inspire women to unite and use their voices to call on world leaders to take strong action on climate change. - 10-Dec-2015

Renewable Energy Investing As Carbon Reduction Tool
Professor Robert I Bell presents his proposal to control carbon emissions by making it profitable to switch to renewables, rewarding what we want and not punishing what we don't want. - 11-Dec-2015

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