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It's the First Five Meters That Count!
The electric version doesn't stand a chance in the quarter mile against high-powered gas cars, but in the city, where the first five meters count most... well, watch and see. - 20-Aug-2014

Killajoule Captures Electric Motorcycle Speed Record
Eva Hakansson Dube not only sets the speed record for electric motorcycles at 241 mph - passing Lightning Motorcycles own 218 mph record - but the sidecar-based EV also proves the fastest vehicle at Bonneville Salt Flats. - 02-Sep-2014

Saleen's Tesla Model S 'Breaks Sound Barrier'
Saleen usually soups up ICE-age muscle cars like the Mustang, but this time, they turn their attention to Tesla's already impressive Model S. Here's what a custom tuned electric car sounds like. - 08-Sep-2014

Inaugural Formula E Race Ends In Spectacular Crash
On the last lap, in the final turn, the two lead cars collide driven by Nicolas Prost and Nick Heidfeld, sending one spiraling through the air during inaugural running of the FIA Formula E race series. - 13-Sep-2014

Time Lapse Video of Strati 3-D Printed Electric Car
Local Motors developed the Strati electric runabout that is 3-D printed from some 40 parts in 44 hours. The electric drive, steering and suspension were added later. - 17-Sep-2014

New Climate Economy: Towards Greater Prosperity and a Safer World
The Global Commission on Economy and Climate, made up to Nobel laureates, former presidents, leading economists are proposing a new approach to tackling climate change, one that emphasizes the economic benefits to creating a more sustainable global energy and economic system. Read more here. - 21-Sep-2014

Yo! Test Rides in Smart Electric Car
Smart conducts the first Yo! test drive program of its electric smart fortwo on the streets of San Francisco. Here's what the passengers experienced and said. - 22-Sep-2014

The Amazing Motor That Power Formula E
Robert Llewellyn visits the McLaren Technology Centre to talk to Peter van Manen about their role providing the powerful, but compact electric drivetrain and electronics for the Formula E race car. - 30-Sep-2014

Star Trek Officers Transport By Volkswagen Electric Cars
Volkswagen brings together Star Trek actors William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, along with young Trekkie, to introduce its new e-Golf electric car and XL1 super-efficient hybrid in this new television commercial and follow-up documentary short. - 07-Oct-2014

E-Bikes Let You Park the Car More Often
Shaw Television in Victoria, BC features profile on electric bicycles with the focus on local shop that handles Pedego e-bikes, emphasizing their commuting, as well as fitness benefits. - 30-Oct-2014

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